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  • Michael Moore says he is in take no prisoners mode! Genocidal language like this only drives the escalation spiral. -- Michael Moore in 'Take-No-Prisoners Mode' --
  • Facebook's reaction to its role in spreading global discord (and window into what it takes to make change happen.) -- Can Facebook Fix Its Own Worst Bug? --
  • From Foreign Affairs, some much-needed soul-searching on the implications and fate of the liberal world order. -- The Liberal Order Is Rigged --
  • Good advice for maintaining long-term relationships and dealing with the "growing apart" problem. -- To Stay Married, Embrace Change --
  • "America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People"--a review of an important new book by Peter Temin. -- American Regression --
  • "Epidemics of mental illness are crushing the minds & bodies of millions"--a thoughtful exploration of a big problem. -- Neoliberalism, Loneliness & Social Crisis --
  • How wars end: the story of how Colombia's guerrillas are emerging from the jungle and trying to re-enter society. -- Emerging Colombian Guerrillas --
  • From Foreign Policy: "Trump's ‘Madman Theory' Isn't Strategic Unpredictability. It's Just Crazy." -- Trump's 'Madman Theory' --
  • How Western Civilization Could Collapse--a compelling argument for urgently addressing society's big problems. -- How Western Civilization Could Collapse --
  • Sensible suggestions for re-framing acrimonious town hall meetings in ways which produce constructive debate. -- The GOP and Town Hall Anger --
  • Tech industry reactions to the downsides of its geopolitical role: some steps in the right direction from Google. -- Google's Fake News Crack-down --
  • From Thomas Edsall: "Reaching Out to the Voters the Left Left Behind" -- Reaching Out --
  • How to stand up to Trump, ideas from Gene Sharp and the long tradition of non-violent protest. -- How to Stand Up to Trump --
  • From a recovering economist, an admission of the widespread neglect of the downsides of globalization. -- Economics Has Failed America --
  • Over the longer term, this may be our biggest problem: The Rise of the Useless Class (to which we may all belong!) -- Rise of the Useless Class --
  • A disturbing explanation of how Trump appears to be balancing demands from his Wall Street & populist constituents. -- The Trump Pivot --
  • City Lab maps forecasting "New Urban Crises" based on income inequality, class segregation, & unaffordable housing. -- New Urban Crisis --
  • The US and Russia are again "inching toward doomsday." Let's work to put the nuclear genie back in the bottle. -- The U.S., Russia, and Nuclear War --
  • War Powers Act & the story of Captain Nathan Smith who sued Obama for attacking ISIS without Congressional approval. -- A Soldier's Dilemma --
  • From Foreign Policy, some genuinely sensible thoughts on how to approach the problem of North Korea. -- Trump and North Korea --
  • Research shows that Charles Murray's views are quite moderate. We need to listen, debate, & not try to silence. -- Charles Murray's 'Provocative' Talk --
  • For those who think that Trump is the cause (& not a symptom) of the problem, an update on the French election. -- France in the End of Days --
  • Has Trump weaponized the philosophical ideas like relativism and postmodernism? If so, what should be done? -- Has Trump Stolen Philosophy’s Critical Tools? --
  • A much needed exploration of the ups, downs and outsize influence of wealthy philanthropists. -- Problematic Modern Philanthropy --
  • A sobering reminder of the many difficulties associated with "bringing war criminals to justice." -- Was the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Worth It? --