Get Involved - "Read-and Watch Only" Participation

There are two ways to "get involved" with the MBI-MOOS.  First is what we call "read and watch only involvement."  You can follow any or all of the seminars and blogs on the BI/MBI-MOOS page or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  If you want to "follow us" through BI,  you can log in everyday to see what is new, or you can sign up for our newsletter.  We plan to send out a newsletter about every two weeks, which will list all the materials posted since the last newsletter.  If you sign up on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, we will be posting 1-2 new posts a day, about five days/week.  Since these social networks don't always show everything someone or an organization posts, however, you may miss posts unless you go to our homepage on any of those sites, or go to BI directly.

Newsletter Signup

If you want to sign up for our newsletter, please fill out the newsletter-signup form.  Note, even if you signed up as a "member" of Beyond Intractability on our "old system," we need to have you sign up again here to receive the newsletter. (Sorry!)