New Book: Embodied Conflict: the Neural Basis of Conflict and Communication

Tim Hicks has recently published this book with Routledge that is an extension of the ideas we reviewed in the Conflict Frontiers Seminar when we summarized Mari Fitzduff's monograph on Neuro-Science for the Peacebuilder.  According to Bernie Mayer, this book is "[p]ractical, accessible, easy to read, and yet deeply rooted in science, Tim Hicks has written an extremely valuable book for conflict specialists or for anyone struggling to understand the conflicts they face in life. Starting from the premise that ‘an understanding of the neural workings of the brain’ will help us to better understand and intervene in conflict, Hicks walks us carefully through an understanding of essential concepts of neural science and then applies these both broadly and specifically to how we can understand what happens in conflict and how we can use this understanding in very practical ways. This is a very valuable addition to our understanding of conflict.” 

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