AFP's Resource Page on Peacebuilding in the U.S.

The Alliance for Peacebuilding's webpage on Domestic Peacebuilding was launched in April, 2018, but I just found out about it now. AFP has "carefully curated a selection of articles, podcasts, films and other media which address topics relevant to peacebuilding activities and related topics in the United States. Thematic areas range from national institutional weakness to local-level peace initiatives. You can also find AfP and Peace Direct’s interactive map of U.S. peacebuilding programs and organizations on this page."

Quoting further from AFP's own description of the page:"This page will serve as a hub for resources on understanding conflict dynamics in the United States as well as current domestic peacebuilding efforts, much like our CVE Digest does for the topic of Countering Violent Extremism. AfP’s venture into domestic peacebuilding topics is extremely timely. Today, America faces not only a crisis of democracy and political divisions but also the continuation of racial, ethnic and class tensions that threaten peace and stability. Peacebuilding and conflict prevention programs in the United States are needed now more than ever."

As of Oct. 2018, in addition to the US Peacebuilding Map (which, I should note, was created by Peace Insight and defines "peacebuilding activities" more broadly than we do here at MBI), the site lists about 25 books on domestic peacebuilding, many news articles and blogs sorted into six categories:  governance and institutional erosion, women and gender, race and ethnicity, immigration, peacebuilding (note, here peacebuilding is one category among 5 others, which while certainly related, are not defined as peacebuilding), and nonviolent action.  The site also lists related  "News and Talk Shows," podcasts, "films and other media."

So there's lots to read/watch/listen to here!