Stereotypes / Characterization Frames

Louis Kriesberg observes that blaming the other side is common, but believes it actually disempowers the blamer.
Sarah Cobb discusses the ways in which people typically frame their stories about conflict.
Wallace Warfield discusses the role of the mediator and says sometimes the mediator's role is simply to help people find ways of being good to each other.
S.Y. Bowland on cultural stereotypes.
Mark Gerzon talks about the divisive stereotypes that contribute to poor inter-party relationships in the House of Representatives.
Mohammed Abu-Nimer, a Palestinian peacebuilder, sees interfaith dialogue as a sure way to break down stereotypes, establish relationships, and humanize "the other" in intractable conflicts between people of differing faiths.
Mohammed Abu-Nimer, a Palestinian peacebuilder, challenges the stereotype that Islam is a violent religion.
Ron Fisher, of American University, talks about the need to rebuild relationships in Cyprus to bring about reconciliation.
Silke Hansen discusses the importance of looking past racial overtones, and focusing on the real issues of a particular conflict.
Nancy Ferrell explains how you need to overtly change erroneous perceptions and work hard to figure out what those perceptions are.